Luxury Department Store Case Study

This luxury speciality department store looked to increase conversion rates on category pages through dynamically generated personalized product lists.  Shoppers experienced more relevant products based on historical views, clicks, purchases and searches resulting in significant revenue lift compared to non-personalized category pages.




Homebase Case Study

Homebase sought to optimize its website experience for customers—taking stock updates, trends or personalization into account—while gaining visibility on impact for any implemented initiatives. They also sought to change the manual process for updating related items on its product pages.


Clarisonic Case Study

Clarisonic wanted to maximize revenue per session by optimizing home page content tiles for different customer segments.


High Street Retailer Case Study

Through utilizing a mobile POS solution in-store, sales assistants were provided with the ability to personalize the experience for shoppers, leading to an 133% increase in basket size for one high street retailer.

DOWNLOAD Case Study wanted to quickly develop, test and measure innovative new recommendation strategies that leveraged real- time access to customer data— without having to build out the I.T. architecture required to do so.


Coop Case Study

Coop sought an innovative personalization partner to help create a dynamic, customized site experience that increased engagement and conversion, with minimal IT investment.

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