Bubbleroom Case Study

Founded in 2005, Bubbleroom is a pureplay ecommerce retailer specialising in women’s apparel, operating in the Nordic Countries. Bubbleroom is now the number one Scandinavian retailer for women’s party fashion.

Bubbleroom started working with RichRelevance in 2016 and have deployed both personalized recommendations, Recommend™, and personalized browse and navigation, Discover™, on their desktop and mobile sites. Personalized product recommendations enable Bubbleroom to craft highly tailored and accurate suggestions for their shoppers, with personalized browse and navigation helping shoppers locate the right products, more easily.


The Works Case Study

The Works has been working with RichRelevance since 2013, employing product recommendations and content personalisation solutions across its website www.theworks.co.uk. As ecommerce sales have grown as a percentage of overall sales, The Works were looking to improve other areas of their website. In 2017 they started to look for a new onsite search solution, as their current solution lacked functionality as well as performance data on how it was working.


Shop Direct Presentation

Paul Hornby, Head of eCommerce at Shop Direct Group, speaks at CAS EMEA 2016


Homebase Case Study

Homebase sought to optimize its website experience for customers—taking stock updates, trends or personalization into account—while gaining visibility on impact for any implemented initiatives. They also sought to change the manual process for updating related items on its product pages.


Monsoon Project MAX

John Boville, IT and Ecommerce Director for Monsoon Accessorize, provides an overview of their omnichannel personalisation program with RichRelevance.

Clarisonic Case Study

Clarisonic wanted to maximize revenue per session by optimizing home page content tiles for different customer segments.

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