User Matching Challenges

In a perfect world, your shoppers log in and you can easily determine who they are, what they like and offer them a completely personalized experience no matter where they are in their shopping journey. We understand that this scenario as described above, is not a reality today but we’re here to help connect the dots. Getting shoppers to log in is a challenge and we know that most shoppers will only login to make a purchase, and even then, they’ll only do so if there is perceived value.

Offering your shoppers a real-time omnichannel experience that’s merchandised to their individual behaviors and purchases requires common product, product category and user IDs across channels. Most retailers have the first two handled — this paper shares how you can leverage user ID matching and RichRelevance features to bring together the data points you need to identify users and motivate them to log in.

How to Innovate Fast

Consumers have taken control of their interactions with retailers. It’s imperative for retailers to reduce barriers to commerce, leverage data across channels, and understand the performance of each of these aspects in the total customer experience.

We at RichRelevance believe that an open and flexible personalization platform, such as the one described here, will allow retailers to keep pace with the changes in the industry and the new demands of their customers. The modern retailer needs to be agile and innovative to prevail in the new competitive environment; a modern personalization platform is a key tool to compete effectively.

Bridging the Gap: Content and Commerce

Personalization platforms complement CMSs to transform generic content delivery into highly personalized, real-time, relevant interactions based on individual behavior, history and preferences.

Inside King of the Hill

King of the Hill™ is RichRelevance’s decisioning engine, which selects the best content for every customer in every context in real time. It does so by continuously testing content performance and quickly reacting to market changes. Think of it as running ongoing A/B tests where the winning content receives most of the views but others still get a few views in a quest for ever-improving performance. King of the Hill works differently in Recommend™ and Engage™ so we’ll describe them separately.

A Look at King of the Hill

By 2017, 89% of marketing leaders surveyed by Gartner expect customer experience to be their primary basis for competitive differentiation. Personalization has long been favored by marketers to build differentiated customer experiences. However, although many personalization platforms promise higher conversion rates and ever increasing predictive abilities, not all personalization platforms are created equal.

This paper explores the King of the Hill™ decisioning engine that underlies RichRelevance’s suite of solutions, to show how it delivers the most relevant, impactful personalization throughout every stage of the customer experience and lifecycle.

IDC Research into Personalization

IDC’s research shows that personalised experiences deliver higher engagement, improved experience, increased spending, and better customer loyalty.

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